I had the opportunity to accompany The Life Church RVA on its annual Missions Trip to Nassau, Bahamas. A profoundly impactful and eye-opening experience, I was shaken, I was stirred, and I was moved beyond my comfort zone to be an active participant rather than casual observer. It is easy to be numbed by the monotony and routine nature of everyday life, but when introduced to differing perspectives we are challenged to either reaffirm or alter our approach to living. This was indeed a life-altering and much needed experience that I can confidently say will forever change my mentality. I am eternally grateful to have shared in this with those who also pushed themselves to encounter something beyond the norm. The bonds and relationships that were formed will last well beyond May 16-May 20. I am inspired to actively seek growth and maturity in all aspects of my life and to use my voice and influence to evoke positive and lasting change.

Through the aesthetic beauty and vibrant atmosphere, I felt a proximity to God previously unfamiliar to me. This inspired me to capture, to the best of my ability, the beauty of His creation. This is a collection of the quiet moments, the seemingly mundane, & the overlooked subtleties of a unique culture. Enjoy.

Although we cannot claim to be the place where Jesus Christ was born, we can confidently boast that, God lives in the Bahamas.

- Mr. Linville Johnson


#FeedTheStreets RVA is an official non-profit organization that provides food and hygiene essentials to those who are less fortunate. This program seeks to create a community that responds to the basic human needs of all, while valuing and advancing grassroots efforts that address symptoms of poverty.


In light of recent social injustices, particularly in and amongst the black community, I thought it necessary to honor women of color. Although many of the most recent events have been perpetrated against black men, black women too have suffered at the hand of racial injustice and intolerance. Behind every strong man there is a stronger woman. It can be said that black women are the backbone of the black community, as they have always maintained unwavering strength and disposition when faced with opposition. Relentless in their pursuit of equality, black women are always amongst the first to action. They fight for what they believe in and are unyielding in the face of fear. Their efforts should not be taken lightly, for they are often the catalyst for change. They have endured oppression and negativity, yet are constantly overlooked and under appreciated. It is their love and generosity that have inspired countless generations and that will equip future generations with the confidence necessary to evoke true & lasting change. G O D D E S S is dedicated to the beautiful black women who have shouldered the burdens of many and who have served as a source of inspiration for me and countless others. I would not be the man I am today without black women. I implore you to honor the black women in your life with the utmost love, respect, and admiration.

The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.

- Malcolm X


Ultralight Beams is a conceptual series focusing on the result of long exposure shots from a moving vehicle.


Be____. is a non-profit organization committed to conducting socially aware projects to help motivate, challenge, & inspire ourselves, the Black community, & the world. Their inagural event, ‪#‎ProjectWarmTheHomeless,‬ was held November 22, 2015 at Monroe Park in Richmond, VA. Participants distributed blankets filled with love while offering encouraging words.


Rodanthe, North Carolina